Puppy training, fun trick training and one to one training for happy dogs and proud owners

At Rags & Bert’s we are pleased to offer a variety of different training courses, covering all aspects of training needs. Whether you are bringing a new puppy into your family and need guidance on how to help them to be a happy well-balanced dog, or whether your existing dog needs a helping hand or a refresher to grasp particular training aspects, we offer training to suit your needs.

Delivered by our highly qualified and experienced dog trainers and behaviourists, your best friend is in good hands. 


Classes have started for September - contact us on 0118 207 7788 for upcoming classes.

Group Classes - Puppy and fun trick training

Our current group training classes are puppy training and fun trick training. 


One-to-one Training

Our one-to-one courses are designed to help you and your dog improve on various aspects of training, behaviour and confidence building.

We even offer residential boot-camp sessions to residents of Rags and Bert’s hotel. So why not let your four-legged friend make the most of their stay with a bit of refresher training on aspects such as lead-walking, recall, lead-reactivity and more!

Our Dog Trainers
Dog Training

Meet Maddy

Maddy is our Assistant Manager at Rags and Bert’s, and also one of our highly qualified Dog Trainers and Behaviourists with a Bsc (Hons) Degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training.

Maddy is National Diploma qualified in Animal Management and brings a wealth of extensive experience managing animal boarding and day care facilities 



Meet Graham

Graham brings many years of knowledge and professionalism to Rags & Bert's.
He is a Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers, having achieved the grade of Advanced Instructor.

Graham is also an Agility Club Approved Agility Instructor. The Agility Club is the UK's foremost and officially recognised agility training body. He has also passed the Kennel Club Examination for the Requirements of an Agility judge and Obedience Judge.

Enrichment for dogs is fun! Enrichment is the process of providing mental and physical stimulation for your four legged friend

Thanks for those who braved the weather to see us at the Swallowfield show this year!

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