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In the new year, we are offering the following courses for your new puppy, or for particular aspects that you might need your dog to train for.

  • Puppy Training
  • Puppy Confidence Building with Socialisation
  • Puppy Socialisation
  • Beginners Good Manners
  • Trick Training
  • Individual Dog Training
  • Day Care Confidence Building
  • Train the Dog, Train the Owner
  • Behaviour Consultation

Package prices – Four sessions for each course (30 mins each) at £115.00

Puppy Training
You’ve got a new puppy – how exciting! Bringing a puppy into your family is an extremely rewarding experience and should give you many years of fun and pleasure. However, there are rules that all puppies and their owners need to learn. This will make your life as simple as possible and your puppy will understand boundaries and behaviour.

Our Puppy Training course will introduce you and your puppy to basic commands and communication. It will give you advice on behaviour at home including food and toy manners. When your puppy is old enough to venture outside, the course will cover important aspects such as recall and loose lead work. This course will help set your new puppy on the right road to becoming a well-mannered, well-trained and friendly member of your family.

Puppy Confidence Building with Socialisation
Everything is new to your puppy: new environment, new people and other dogs. Our Puppy Confidence Building with Socialisation course will give them and you the helping hand they need to acclimatise to their new, exciting and quite possibly daunting new surroundings. With one to one training, this course will help your puppy build a positive association with unfamiliar people and environment, and will generally build your puppy’s overall confidence.

Socialisation is so important in a dog’s early life, this course gradually introduces your puppy to other dogs ensuring they are happy and confident around other dogs of all sizes and ages. It will also gradually introduce your pet to day care, should the need arise.

Puppy Socialisation

Socialisation is essential if your puppy is going to grow up enjoying the company of other dogs and being confident and happy in their company. Our Puppy socialisation course is based around the fundamentals of a well-socialised dog.  The course is based around controlled playtime with other puppies and also includes tips for new puppy owners to continue socialising outside and after the course.

Beginners Good Manners

As they say, manners maketh man’s best friend! A well-behaved, well-mannered dog is a pleasure to be with and so much easier to live with. Our Beginners Good Manners course is an excellent start to training your young dog to understand boundaries and good behaviour-based instructions. These will include position commands, as well as training for recall and loose lead walking to help make outdoor trips, walks and adventures so much more enjoyable and stress free. Our door manners training helps to ensure your dog behaves when you have visitors, and that they never put people who may not be confident around dogs, off visiting you.

Trick Training

Your dog’s got talent! Our Trick Training course is a great way to provide much required mental stimulation for your dog, and is always great fun for you to show off their skills. Trick training also helps to form a strong bond between you and your pet. Before you know it, your pet will be turning on a light, tidying up their toys and even ringing a bell on your command.

Individual Dog Training

One to one sessions, per hour at £48.00

We offer one-on-one training for you and your dog to cover any area of command, training or behavioural issues.

Day Care Confidence Building 1 hour session £18.00

Day Care Confidence building is helpful for dogs that are nervous of new people and new environments and those who struggle to be away from their owners.  Our Behaviour Adviser will gradually work with your dog to build their confidence and trust in us, with the aim to slowly introduce them to socialise with other dogs with the long term goal of them joining our day care. Catered specifically to your dog, the first few sessions may be based solely on one to one training.

Train the Dog, Train the Owner 2 x 1 hour sessions £96.00

Sometimes it may help to give you a little training as well as your dog. On our Train the Dog, Train the Owner course we will train your dog in the first session and then you and your dog together in the second. Topics covered include recall, loose lead walking, reactivity and our special clicker workshop, learning the theory behind marker training and the practicalities of using it correctly.  

Behaviour Consultation at £65 per hour

If you are concerned about any particular aspect of your dog’s behaviour, we can help! Our Dog Trainer/Behaviour Adviser will help you identify the causes of their behavioural concern, which is the first step to correcting any behavioural problems. 



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