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Doga - (yoga for  dogs & humans together)



Workshop taster on Saturday 2nd March 2019 12 noon to 1.30pm @ £25


We are delighted to welcome yoga expert, Joy Golding to Rags & Bert's to run Doga.

Joy has been a certified yoga teacher for over 20 years.  She is from the US and has been lucky to call Berkshire her home for the past two years.  Joy's yoga philosophy is very simple.  Yoga is for everybody.  It's not Yoga perfect, its yoga practice.  You don't have to be flexible to come to yoga.

Com and practice and the flexibility will come.  Joy mixes a blend of several different styles of yoga

to give her students a very complete and well rounded experience.  Modifications are shown for students who may need them.  Joy is a life long yoga student who never stops learning.  Her passion for teaching yoga is infectious.


Benefits for you both:-


*Bonding with your pet
*Stress reduction for people and their dogs
*Better flexibility
*Peaceful and happy in mind and body for both
*Restorative and rejuvenating for the body(and dog)
*Increased immune system for both
*Weight management(just the peeps)


Joy’s doga (dog yoga) classes bring everything you would expect from your favourite yoga class, plus the fun and enjoyment of doing it with your four-legged friend.


These classes will help reduce stress for you and your dog, increase bonding, aid flexibility, help increase your immune systems and rejuvenate the mind and body.

Also, it’s a huge amount of fun!


Don't delay.  Book your place today on 0118 207 7788 or email









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