Field fun and group dog walks

For a well-exercised and happily socialised dog!

Our group dog walking and field fun service takes place at our secure 7 acre field in Mapledurham, only 10 minutes from Rags & Berts. It's a fantastic safe outdoor space allowing for plenty of doggy play, socialisation and exercise. And it includes home pick up and drop off! 

  • Our 7 acre field is in the heart of Mapledurham Private Estate surrounded by ancient woodland and rolling landscape. It's fully fenced and regularly mowed by tractor. We'll be getting a stable shelter soon.
  • The field is for our exclusive use - it is only used for dog walking and field fun with Rags & Bert's qualified team. We'll only be using our own well-trained and qualified staff to transport and supervise the dogs.
  • No muddy dogs as we have enough space not to overwhelm the land. Dogs will be dried if needed. If it's raining, you can send along your dog's coat if they are usually walked in one.

We'll start with a lovely walk together round the field, stopping off for some ball fun, followed with a scent hunt and a trot across the hills and back to the van for water. We'll play some hide-and-seek treat games and reward a perfect sit for a rub down and then back in the van for a quick mowsie back home.

Your dog will be snoozing the rest of the day away, dreaming of their next outing with their doggy pals!

Times and pricing

Your dog can join us week days, mid-morning or mid-afternoon. We'll be using our airconditioned dog bus to pick up and drop off your dog.

  • Mornings: home pick up from 10.30am and drop off around 12.30
  • Afternoons: home pick up from 1.30pm and drop off around 3.30pm

We are only able to offer this service to dogs who live in Tilehurst, Caversham and Reading town.

  • The cost is £20 payable upfront

Can boarding dogs use this service?
Yes! We are offering a special 20% discount (£16) for our boarders to use this service on week days for a play and exercise boost.


How many dogs per session and how do I book?

  • Bookable online, we'll be limiting each session to 6 dogs.

How do I sign up?

All dogs need to have passed our Play & Stay (PAS) assessment, meaning they have met our requirements for sociability and obedience. This is a great once or twice weekly add-on for our regular daycare dogs and is equivalent to a half day daycare.

If your dog has already passed our PAS, BOOK ONLINE here. If you haven't been to Rags & Bert's before, register your dog HERE and Sarah will contact you to organise a 30-minute Play & Stay assessment for your dog.

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