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professional grooming services on-site! 

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Eloise from Glamour Woof has many years experience grooming all shapes and varieties of dog! She shares our core values and is highly rated by her many regular clients. She knows how to perfectly tailor her services to you and your dog's needs. 

Services and Pricing

We use the best quality products and our staff are highly qualified - our prices reflect this. All dogs are washed a minimum of two times. Matting fees will apply where required. 

Full Groom

Includes bath, brush, nail clipping, ears cleaning, blow dry, clipping and styling. 

Full groom Long hair/double coat Short haired
Tiny From £43 £25
Small From £45 £27
Medium From £50 £32
Large  From £56 £40
Giant From £70 From £50

Bath and brush for long haired breeds

Coats must be well maintained, nails and ears included. 
Tiny £30 | Small £32 | Medium £38 | Large £45 | Giant from £48

Wash and go

Dogs must have no matts or knots. Bath and towel dry included. 
Tiny £18 | Small £20 | Medium £23 | Large £25 | Giant £30

Puppy Pamper

Bath, brush, blow dry, nail clip, ear clean, pad and hygiene area trim. 
Long haired £30 | Short haired £25

Optional Extras  
  • Blueberry facial £6
  • Teeth clean £6
  • Paw and nose balm £4
  • Nail clipping £12

  Eloise dog groomer Reading

  Dog groomer in central Reading

Make a Booking

You can always use our daycare services to drop your dog off earlier or collect later. 


We understand that some dogs can be apprehensive when it comes to grooming. We will always work to ensure a calm environment with minimum noise. And because we only work on a 1-to-1 basis, there won't be other dogs in the same room. 

You will often find us towel drying the dogs as we never use drying cabinets as these can be stressful for the animal. We do have hand blasters available and we always work from a low, slow setting so as not to alarm your dog. If we find your dog is uncomfortable with that, we will stop using the blaster and towel dry them instead.

We offer an extensive range of shampoos and will use the one that best suits your dog's skin type.

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