Rags & Bert's Grooming Salon

We are excited to partner with HAIR OF THE DOG to offer professional grooming services at our premises. Let's keep your dog clean, happy and styling!

Hair of the Dog is a family-run grooming business with over 20 years experience. They share our core values and are highly rated by their many regular clients. They know how to perfectly tailor their services to you and your dog's needs. Their groomers will be at Rags & Bert's Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Before we groom your dog, we will chat with you to understand your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your dog. We will work to create the right style that is manageable for you, whether that's a simple pet trim or a more intensive breed standard cut. The length of time it takes to cut or trim your dog will all depend on the breed, size and style required. 

Our preference is to use traditional methods of grooming which we feel give a much better finish, that's why you'll see a lot of scissor work and a lot less clipper work. We can offer both modern and more traditional coat styles for your dog.

Dog Groomer in Reading UK

Grooming Salon Opening Times

  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays for a full-service dog wash only (bath, shampoo, conditioner, brush out and dry)

You can always use our daycare services to drop your dog off earlier or collect later.

Full Groom

  • Consultation with groomer on arrival
  • Dog bathed
  • Shampoo used to suit dogs skin type
  • Hand dried by groomer
  • Hand groomed
  • Clipped or trimmed to customer preference or breed standard (hand-stripping available)
  • Nails trimmed
  • Ears cleaned

Add-on Spa Treatments 

Blueberry facials and teeth cleaning can be added at an extra cost.

Bath & Brush Out

This is great for maintaining your dog's coat between grooms. It's also a brilliant de-shed when your dog is moulting to remove any dead hair. If your dog's coat is matted, they will need a full groom.
Smooth or short hair
  • Bathed in a lovely fragranced shampoo (evening primrose or oatmeal & honey for sensitive skin) 
  • Brush and dry with a hound glove or zoom groom
  • Nail cutting included 
  • Cleaning of ears and facial creases  
  • Any dead coat will be removed 
  • Coat combed through if needed 
  • Trimming of hair between pads if needed 

Long haired dogs
  • Bathed in a lovely fragranced shampoo (evening primrose or oatmeal & honey for sensitive skin) 
  • Brush and dry with slicker brush and combed thoroughly
  • Trimming in between pads on feet
  • Trimming under tail if needed
  • Trimming away any hair in the corner of the eyes if needed
  • Checking ears are clean

Grooming pricing Rags Berts
A nail trim only is £10. Puppy packages are available on request.   

Our prices include VAT. If you are unsure what size category your dog falls into, please contact us.
Additional charges apply for matted coats, hand-stripping and show grooms.

Make a Booking 

We recommend booking using our Online Portal. Alternatively, call 01182077788 or email bookings@ragsandberts.co.uk.


My dog is nervous.
We understand that some dogs can be apprehensive when it comes to grooming. We will always work to ensure a calm environment with minimum noise. And because we only work on a 1-to-1 basis, you won't find a lot of other dogs in the same room. 

My dog doesn't like machine driers.
You will often find us towel drying the dogs as we never use drying cabinets as these can be stressful for the animal. We do have hand blasters available and we always work from a low, slow setting so as not to alarm your dog. If we find your dog is uncomfortable with that, we will stop using the blaster and towel dry him instead.

My dog has sensitive skin.
We offer an extensive range of shampoos and will use the one that best suits your dog's skin type.

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