Maddy - Assistant Manager - Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

I have always loved dogs, I think growing up with two Newfoundland’s influenced the affinity I have for animals. I began working with animals at the age of thirteen; voluntarily working with horses. This inspired me to pursue an education and career in the animal industry. I began working with dogs in 2008 and have since worked a variety of roles within the sector, including grooming salons, animal boarding and rescue centres. To support the skills and knowledge I learnt from working in the industry, I dedicated five years to becoming educated in the field. 

Throughout my life, I have trained a variety of animals, including meerkats and horses. However, my passion lies in training dogs. My labradoodle Eddie helped develop this passion and whilst on my degree, I trained him in advanced assistance. This involved training a series of small behaviours and chaining them under one cue. He can now unload your washing machine for you and help you hang your clothes on the line! Since then I have trained and modified dog behaviour for a variety of subjects and breeds including obedience, combatting problems, fun tricks and scent work. I have previously worked in roles which require assessing dog behaviour and implementing training decisions. I am now able to put these skills to good use in helping dogs and their owners.

I love working for Rags & Bert's which enables owners to be happy in the knowledge, their dogs have somewhere to play and stay when needed. I love being part of a team which helps to improve the welfare of dogs through socialisation, mental and physical stimulation and exceptional standards of care.


  • BSc Honours: Applied Animal Behaviour and Training
  • National Diploma: Animal Management
  • NPTC Veterinary medicine safe use and handling
  • NPTC Veterinary Medicine administration and storage
  • Canine First Aid and CPR



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