Our founder Julia

Julia - FounderJulia O'Gorman

As a lifetime dog lover, seeing my passion become my career is truly special, and seeing happy owners and happy dogs every day makes the job even more worth it.

I wanted to make our centre personal because we provide personal experiences for every dog lover, so I named our place after my beloved best friends Rags (Regan is his full name) and Bert. You can catch me spending my spare time walking along the river with my husband as Rags and Bert follow along enjoying the views.

We got Rags (Regan) our Golden Retriever with his brother Archie from Stokenchurch dog rescue when they were just under a year old, he is now 12 years old.  We’ve had Bert our 11-year-old Black Labrador for almost 4 years.  He was a friend of Rags when we lived near Essex. When Rag's brother passed away Bert came to retire to the country with us and has been Rags companion ever since.

A full year on from opening, what makes my heart sing every day is dogs coming through our doors so excited to see what pals are in day care for them to play with and watching them as a group having the best time ever.

In my spare time, I love spending time outdoors with Rags, Bert & my husband. I  particularly love river walks & ancient forests. When I finally get a moment to myself I really enjoy craft; weaving, crochet, sewing.


  • Professional Diploma Level 4 – Animal Care & Healing  - completed June 2014.
  • Modules included; animal behaviour, nutrition, first aid, anatomy and physiology 
  • Dog Law - Trevor Cooper 
  • Canine First Aid – September 2016
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