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Puppy School – Early Dog Training for a Friendlier Pup

Those first few months of a puppy’s life are an exciting time. Filled with boundless enthusiasm, your puppy leaps from one new experience to the next, growing and adapting to their family and friends with a stage of intense learning.

Puppy school gives your young dog the chance to explore their boundaries and learn new skills, all while having fun in a bright sociable group atmosphere.

What does puppy school teach?

While it is fun time for your pup, there’s a strong educational side to puppy school. Our expert dog trainer, Maddy, leads the sessions and focuses on teaching your dog all the early basics for a solid grounding in good social behaviour including:

  • Understanding and following basic commands
  • Toilet training
  • Becoming comfortable with a health inspection
  • Getting used to walking on a lead
  • Learning to wait patiently
  • Calm social interaction with other dogs
  • Friendly interactions on meeting new people

After the initial meet up and toilet break, puppies are given time to relax and nap in their new environment before a sequence of short classes, social play and nap times.

During the training, dogs experience both group interactions and dedicated one-to-one times, providing them with a full and rounded training to leave them confident and well-mannered as they mature into adulthood.

Who is puppy school for?

Friday morning puppy training is available for any dog younger than seven months old where the owners would prefer our qualified team to train them for you. The only requirement is that your dog is fully vaccinated.

Whether your dog is calm and just has a few bits to learn or has become unruly as she grows and needs a little training to pull back on some over-enthusiastic behaviour, puppy school is a great way to teach core skills and social awareness.

When is puppy school?

Friday morning, puppy school at Rags and Bert’s is a weekly session that runs from 9am until 1pm you can start on Friday. Puppies are then welcome to join doggy daycare for the afternoon if needed.

The puppy training classes have a minimum attendance of four consecutive weekly sessions to complete the course, after which additional sessions are optional.

What are the puppy school fees?

  • First four compulsory sessions: £192
  • Additional puppy school top-up session: £48

How do I join puppy school?

Contact us at Rags and Bert’s today to book your place. Either call between 7am and 7pm on 0118 207 7788 or email bookings@ragsandberts.co.uk. We will confirm your place and look forward to seeing you on a Friday soon!


Weeknight Puppy Training Sessions

Can’t make Puppy School? Don’t worry – we also run group puppy training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

What are puppy training sessions?

A four-week course two nights a week, puppy training sessions are designed for pups up to 7 months old and their owners. Covering similar early training ideas as puppy school, each hour-long session also provides a positive learning for you as an owner and trainer.

What do I have to learn as a dog-owner?

Having a well-trained dog is not just about making sure the puppy learns to sit and come when you tell it to. A great benefit in having a happy partnership with your pet is going through that experience with them, learning alongside them and sharing the highs and lows.

Some aspects of training will be difficult for your puppy and knowing that you are there with them will strengthen your bond as well as improve their confidence and enjoyment.

Not only that, but there is plenty that we, as humans, can learn from our pets! It’s often surprising how much the owner can get from the sessions!

What is covered in the weekly training sessions?

Each hour is a mixture of discussion with you as an owner and direct training of the dog. In the early part of the course, we will focus on some of the basics – how to check the health of your pup, understanding how he or she learns, and reading the signs of their mood while the dog themselves learns to settle in different situations and gets their first run through of basic commands such as ‘sit’.

As the weeks progress, we delve into good toilet training, how to stop your dog from begging and guarding, grooming, dealing with chewing and more as the dogs progress through food manners, good behaviour while out, and listening to orders such as ‘leave it’, or ‘drop it’.

By the end of the four weeks, you will have grown in confidence as an owner, well versed in how to motivate your puppy, what to look out for in terms of foods and things hazardous to their health, and fully understanding of how to maintain a good routine. The puppy will be happy following commands, understanding of good manners and confident in their interactions with other humans and dogs alike.

When are the weeknight dog-training sessions?

Hour-long sessions take place:

  • Tuesdays 6:30 to 7:30 pm (next class starts 12th March to 2nd April 2019)
  • Thursdays 7:00 to 8:00 pm (next class starts 28th February to 21st March, then 11th April)

How much are weeknight group dog-training classes?

Each 4 week class is £80 for dog and owner.

What dogs are the training classes for?

The weeknight training classes are meant for puppies of seven months or younger. Due to the nature of a group session, we insist that your dog is up-to-date with their vaccinations to be eligible for a training class.

How do I book for Tuesday or Thursday puppy sessions?

Give us a call at Rags and Bert’s on 0118 207 7788 (7am to 7pm) or email bookings@ragsandberts.co.uk. We will take your details and confirm your booking for a four-week course.

Rags and Bert’s Training Video.

Ever wondered what a group class might look like? Take a watch of our short video for an idea before calling us to book your place!

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