Doggy Day Care

Everyday fun at Rags & Bert's

Rags and Bert’s is full of activities to ensure a happy hound. Large or small, sensitive or shy, young or old, they all get individual attention, playtime, naps and exercise. Doggy daycare allows your dog to have a day to remember. From 7.30am to 6.30pm, the emphasis is on doing what all doggies love to do: a bit of play, a lot of socialising, a little bit of obedience and time to chill out…and all with their friends.

Dog Socialisation

Dogs love to be together and meet up and they don't like to be bored

So if you work, have an urgent appointment, lots of errands to run or whatever else takes your attention away from your dog, you can go about your day guilt-free, knowing he is getting mental stimulation and play, with no continuous barking, no torn furniture, no mess and no boredom for you to worry about.

You’ll know how much he’s loved his day at Rags and Bert’s as he excitedly greets you, tells you about his day and snores all the way home! You’ll both have had a wonderful day. Come back soon, his friends are always here!

Doggy day care in Reading

Exciting Alternative to Dog Walkers or Home Alone

Doggy day care is perfect for you and your dog

Our 5,000 square foot licensed, insured, secure and fully supervised playground has both indoor and outside space. It is packed full of fun and games. No dog tethering here, instead your dog will be in, out and about, doing what doggies do, making the best of friends, including our staff because we are there at all times. Love, affection and safety are our number one priorities. View our license here.

Qualified Staff

We make it our business to get to know your dog

All our team are Doggy Day Care Certified in dog socialisation, behaviour, canine first aid and CPR. Everyone goes through a 3-6 month induction and training is ongoing.

How do I know if my dog will fit in?

Book your dog in for a free 20-minute Play & Stay assessment and Tour as soon as possible before you book in for a Doggy Day Care experience. We’ll make sure your dog’s play style and sociability works well within the group, giving you a worry free time, knowing your dog is in the safest of hands.

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