Jake Miles Interview

Interview with Jakes Miles – Team Manager

  • How long have you worked at Rags & Bert's?

I started at Rags & Bert’s 5 years ago on the 11th March

  • Can you tell me about your professional journey within Rags and Bert’s?

I started as an apprentice and have risen to becoming Team manager within this five-year period.  When I first applied I didn’t really know I wanted to work with dogs I just hated my warehouse job and wanted a new career I’ve always grown up with dogs and love them so I thought I would apply, I just thought you played and fed them I never realised the extent of working with dogs and what the role would involve!  I started as the apprentice and this lasted for up to 18 months some of which was through the Covid lockdown I did my animal care and welfare qualification within this time, once qualified I was promoted to day care and kennel assistant and learning my role and applying the knowledge form my course work.  I then was offered a promotion to Trainee Team Leader as the Manager thought I was ready, so I took this role on. 

I was doing this role for approx. a year; the Team Manager’s position came up and I applied and was successful and I am loving the role.  I have learnt everything on the job which I believe makes me a strong Manager.

  • What do you love about working with dogs?

Developing a bond with them, they get attached to us and I have watched many grow up into adult dogs and seeing their individual personalities flourish.

  • With all the individual characters you have every day do you have a particular funny story that you could share?

The dogs have so many quirky moments it’s hard to pick one out, we have very large dogs that think they are tiny and try and fit into the small dog houses, dogs try breaking into the food cupboards as they can smell treats , we have one dog that always flicks the bin lid open and tries to dive in head first.

  • What would you say is your speciality or talent when working closely with dogs?

I’m assertive and calm natured which the dogs respond positively to, they feel safe in my care, so it minimises dogs reacting negatively and allows them to have worry free play knowing I am there. 

  • What’s your most and least favourite part of your job?

    The best part of my role is watching dogs grow and enjoy their time in day care, the only part I dislike is the weather, day care runs regardless of temperature so when it’s cold and wet / rainy It’s not my favourite part. 

    • What do you like to do in your free time?

    Football. I play every Sunday as part of a local league, I also love a pint, travelling and holidays abroad.

    • What is your favourite music?

              I don't really have a favourite style, I listen to a wide range of music!

    • Favourite food


    • What’s important to you in terms of the care your dog’s receive and how do you ensure you provide a positive welcoming experience for both dogs and their owners?

    I want equal treatment regardless of breed, character, size, all dogs deserve to be treated with love and compassion as we are there when their favourite humans are away or at work so they need extra special attention, I provide good and informative detail to all the owners which is important and their questions are never disregarded or not taken seriously.  My relationship with the customers is very important to me as they are entrusting me with their beloved dogs! 

    • Finally, a fun question, if you were a dog what you be and why? 

    (I love this question) A great Dane simply because they resemble my long legs and calm nature! 


    Don't just take our word for it

    "As soon as we arrive, Dylan doesn’t look back for me - he has no hesitation about going in. His behaviour tells me he loves it there with Julia and the team. I never worry about him as I know he is loved and cared for just like he is at home. "

    Hannah Doherty and Dylan

    "Once we say ‘shall we go to Rags & Bert's?’ he does not leave my side! We know he is saying C’mon let’s go! He is as excited to meet his humans there as he is to meet his friends! Once home he sleeps like a dog who has had the ‘Best Day Ever’ every time. "

    Amanda B. and Murphy

    "I have been using Doggy Daycare since my dog was three months old and he absolutely loves it! I think it has been so important to socialise him with other dogs from a young age and all of the staff at Rags & Bert’s are very helpful and friendly. He also stays overnight in the dog hotel on occasions which has been really useful. "

    Alexandra Harris and Vincent

    "Rags & Bert's is an amazingly friendly place where my dog loves to spend her days! Everyone really cares about the dogs and they put lots of work into making sure the dogs in their care are enriched and stimulated, while making sure they get rest."

    Michelle Chismon and Auri

    "We both absolutely adore this place and he has the best time playing with all his friends and I have complete trust and faith in Julia and her amazing team. He’s also stayed overnight and would be very happy for him to do so again."

    Catherine Forbes and Findlay

    "Rags & Bert's have been incredibly patient, understanding and supportive of our very nervous rescue dog. They worked at our pace as well as guided us and now our dog loves daycare."

    Sharna Swaine and Rafa
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