Doggy Daycare

Everyday fun at Rags & Bert's

Rags & Bert’s is full of activities to ensure a happy hound. Large or small, sensitive or shy, young or old, they all get individual attention, playtime, naps and exercise. Your dog will look forward to his regular daycare days where the emphasis is on doing what all doggies love to do: a bit of play, a lot of socialising, a little bit of obedience and time to chill out..and all with their furiends.

Doggy daycare allows your dog to connect with their true canine selves, run around or just hang with their buddies and talk about how weird their humans are! You’ll know how much they’ve loved their day at Rags & Bert’s as they excitedly greet you, tell you about their day and then snore all the way home! You’ll both have had a wonderful day!

Why choose Rags & Bert'sdaycare dogs playing outdoors

  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • We're an award-winning daycare centre.
  • Our secure and supervised playground has both indoor and outside space packed full of fun and games, splash pools and plentiful water for drinking.
  • Our large team means that our staff are there at all times - love, affection and safety are our number one priorities.
  • Our fully air-conditioned indoor space allows for cool dogs in summer and cosy naps in winter when we turn on the indoor heating. No muddy paws either at Rags & Bert’s!
  • Our daily schedule is broken up with periods of play and relaxation. We do daily enrichment activities, play time and chill time throughout the day. Dogs at indoor daycare
  • Our popular dog-friendly bus runs daily with morning, lunchtime and afternoon collections and drop offs outside peak traffic hours.
  • Our modern dog hotel is perfect for our daycare regulars who already feel at home. We’ll take good care of them and you’ll both enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • The Grooming Pod is conveniently located at our premises for our doggy customers. 
  • Our confidence building sessions help dogs build their social skills and confidence before or while attending doggy daycare. Often daycare can be a great tool used in conjunction with training for some really positive results for certain dog behavioural problems. 

Our regular daycare model

Open from 7am to 6.30pm, we offer half-day or full-day regular monthly subscriptions with a minimum commitment of one half-day or one full-day session per week. Just like a children’s nursery, you need to be prepared to commit for the sake of your dog. Your monthly daycare subscription gives you guilt-free time off each week, knowing your dog is getting mental stimulation and play with their furry friends and our caring and passionate team. 

Our daycare dynamic thrives on familiar friends! 

Regular doggy daycare benefitsdaycare friendship group

  • Friendship groups - your dog will form strong bonds with their dog buddies and our team
  • Stable routine - good for them and good for you
  • Convenience and peace of mind - weekly daycare spots are guaranteed with a monthly subscription
  • Better play and stay - familiar friendship groups allow for more enrichment and enjoyment
  • Socialising with furiends - dogs love to meet up and be together and they thrive on daily stimulation
  • No more barking, chewing or lonely furbaby getting up to mischief or spending long hours alone at home
  • Your dog will happily stay over at our dog hotel when you go away, it's their home away from home after all 

Monthly subscription pricing (from 1st July 2024)
FULL DAY Monday-Friday
From 7am-6.30pm. Saturday and Sunday 9am -6pm by appointment. Closed on bank holidays.

HALF DAY Monday-Friday
From 7am-12.30pm or 1pm-6.30pm. Saturday and Sunday 9am -6pm by appointment. Closed on bank holidays.

Ad-hoc Daycare
For regular customers only - subject to availability

  • Full Day - £48
  • Full Day - DayBoarding £48
  • Half Day - £38
Saturday/Sunday Daycare

Join the daycare programme for our hotel boarders from 9am-2pm followed by relaxation time and rest.
Strictly by appointment only.

  • Full Day - £48 (9am-6pm)
  • Half Day - £38 (9am-2pm)
Dog Bus Collection/Drop-off Service

Our dog-friendly dog bus operates Mondays through Friday: Morning collections between 9.15am-10.30am | Lunchtime collection or drop off between 12.15pm-1.15pm | Afternoon drop off between 4pm-5.30pm. 
If there's no-one at home, you can organise a key to be held with us or a key-safe at your home.

  • £7.50 per trip within 5 miles of Rags & Bert's

We can collect/drop off outside the above hours and at weekends by appointment only. The cost will depend on where you live (mileage @ £1.75/mile) and is a minimum of £25 for each trip. 


How do I sign up?

If you’re new to daycare, we can arrange for you to visit our doggy daycare centre in Reading, Berkshire and for you and your dog to have a free 30-minute Play & Stay Assessment and Tour before your place is confirmed. We only have a few PAS appointments available each week and these are in high demand so please  plan to visit us as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on a daycare slot. Register your dog HERE and we'll contact you automatically to set up a visit.

We’ll make sure your dog’s play style and sociability works well with other dogs, giving you a worry free time, knowing your dog is in the safest of hands.


Browse our FAQs below and if you still have more questions, please get in touch!

Rest and relaxation is a crucial part of a dog’s day and it’s no different at doggy daycare. At regular intervals, the dogs are able to snooze comfortably in our indoor area where they can relax on the raised dog beds or recharge in one of our hotel rooms to the sounds of classical music. Outside, the dogs also enjoy chilling on our large training platform watching all the goings on or finding a playhouse to curl up in (often with a furry friend!).

Play time, enrichment and rest time are repeated throughout the day. 

  • Play time is fun time - run around, over the bridge, through the cube, sniffing my mates, tug with Bert, fetch that ball, chase the ball. It's all great exercise, but then some, like Rags, just like to watch, taking it easy whilst chilling on the beds.
  • Enrichment time - I have to behave, learn new things; sit, stay, come and some low level agility. Then off outside to use our noses and sniff out different essential oils, catch bubbles, cool off in the big and small pools, play in the ball pit, play outdoor games with the team or just find a good spot outside and have a little rest. Our team will spend group and individual time with your dog with positive reward based training.
  • Group rest time - I'm tired from all the fun! Off to the comfy chill zone, find a cosy bed, lay down, chill, sleep, have a little groom and cuddles from our human dog buddy team. I love this time of day!

Your dog will have plenty of opportunity to socialise, play and rest in our carefully managed groups. We have separate play areas for puppies until they are ready to join our older or more socially mature dogs. Our regular dogs are wonderful with newcomers and our experienced team is always there to supervise.

Confidence building sessions can also make the world of difference for a nervous or timid dog, building their social skills and growing their confidence until they are ready to join daycare. Our weekly puppy socialisation parties are a great way to introduce your little pup to new smells, dogs, toys and people.


Doggy Gallery

Browse our doggy gallery to see how much fun our dogs have sniffing, playing, resting and exploring with their furrifrends!

Don't just take our word for it

"As soon as we arrive, Dylan doesn’t look back for me - he has no hesitation about going in. His behaviour tells me he loves it there with Julia and the team. I never worry about him as I know he is loved and cared for just like he is at home. "

Hannah Doherty and Dylan

"Once we say ‘shall we go to Rags & Bert's?’ he does not leave my side! We know he is saying C’mon let’s go! He is as excited to meet his humans there as he is to meet his friends! Once home he sleeps like a dog who has had the ‘Best Day Ever’ every time. "

Amanda B. and Murphy

"I brought my young very shy puppy to Rags & Bert's. The staff were so nice and supportive, they took time to slowly introduce my puppy to other dogs, gave her cuddles and noticed when she needed time out. Roll on a few months and I have happy and confident puppy. "

Kristina Kelly and Coco

"Rags & Bert's have been incredibly patient, understanding and supportive of our very nervous rescue dog. They worked at our pace as well as guided us and now our dog loves daycare."

Sharna Swaine and Rafa

"I have been using Doggy Daycare since my dog was three months old and he absolutely loves it! I think it has been so important to socialise him with other dogs from a young age and all of the staff at Rags & Bert’s are very helpful and friendly. He also stays overnight in the dog hotel on occasions which has been really useful. "

Alexandra Harris and Vincent

"My dog loves it every time. She is a nervous dog around other people and they were amazing with her from the outset and she loves the staff. We have used the overnight stay a couple of times and has always been really easy to book in and very well priced."

Billy Liquorish and Pepper
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