Puppy Socialisation Parties, Group Classes and 1-to-1 Training for happy dogs and proud owners

At Rags & Bert’s we are pleased to offer a variety of different training and socialisation options for puppies and older dogs. Whether you're bringing a new puppy into your family and need guidance on how to help them to be a happy well-balanced dog, or whether your existing dog needs a helping hand or a refresher to grasp particular training aspects, we offer training to suit your needs.

Delivered by our highly qualified and experienced dog trainers and behaviourists, your best friend is in good hands. 

Puppy Socialisation Parties - bring your puppy to learn and play!

Our Puppy Socialisation Parties run every Monday and Friday from 1.15-2.15pmApart from enjoying meeting other puppies for a play date, your puppy will also:-

  • Learn to interact with other dogs of a similar age
  • Develop their play style
  • Benefit from being in a new environment, with new smells, new surfaces and new toys 
  • Meet our expert hooman team to make future daycare visits easy and seamless
  • Develop their canine social skills with the help of our team
  • Become more confident and well rounded

All fully supervised by our team who are highly skilled in canine socialization. Pre-booking is essential as numbers are limited. The cost is £12 payable in advance. 

Puppy Training Berkshire

Individual confidence-building training sessions

We offer one-on-one sessions with Rags & Bert's resident animal behaviourist, Tom Ford. Confidence building is helpful for dogs that are nervous of new people, new dogs and new environments. We'll work one-on-one with your dog to build their confidence and trust in strangers and towards other dogs.

A 30 minute session costs £25.

These are perfect for day care dogs and hotel residents. Why not let your four-legged friend make the most of their stay with a bit of refresher behaviour training and to build up their confidence and social skills. 

Tom has a BSc Honours: Applied Animal Behaviour and Training and a National Diploma: Animal Management. He has also qualified in Canine First Aid & CPR and Veterinary Medicine safe use and handling (NPTC).

Group training classes for puppies and older dogs

Tash Clark from Dogs Be Dogs runs Puppy classes and an Improver class for older dogs at our premises. Tash is a qualified dog behaviourist with a Level 5 DipHE qualification in Canine Behaviour. She is a full member of APDT, IMDT, PPG, an accredited instructor with the UK College of Scent Dogs, and a certified Fear Free trainer.

Tash only uses force free training methods, helping you to build a positive relationship with your dog. Her passions are early socialisation for puppies (problem prevention), co-operative care and canine enrichment.

Contact us for more details and to discuss your training needs.

Enrichment for dogs is fun! Enrichment is the process of providing mental and physical stimulation for your four legged friend

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