Availability at Portman Road 

Some of our customers want to make last-minute bookings but have struggled to understand what is available from the online portal. To help out, we are manually maintaining the number of spaces for the current and following week so you can check which days are full at a glance. 

We try to keep the numbers displayed accurately, but it is a manual process, and updates will be delayed. 

You may also notice that the Daycare spaces are minimal during the week; we have a reasonable amount of DayBoarding available. The difference between the two is around the rest time. In daycare, your dog can choose their rest times and seek out a bed if they want to. For DayBoarding, the rest is more structured, and your dog will spend 50% of their time in DayCare and 50% in a boarding kennel 


We understand that some dogs can be apprehensive when it comes to grooming. We will always work to ensure a calm environment with minimum noise. And because we only work on a 1-to-1 basis, there won't be other dogs in the same room. 

You will often find us towel drying the dogs as we never use drying cabinets as these can be stressful for the animal. We do have hand blasters available and we always work from a low, slow setting so as not to alarm your dog. If we find your dog is uncomfortable with that, we will stop using the blaster and towel dry them instead.

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