At Rags & Bert's, we are on a mission to sprinkle a little extra love and safety into the lives of our favourite pets with our new - "Lost & Found" dog tag.

  1. Safety First: As you know, we prioritise safety, so under License Rule 25.2, every dog at our daycare must wear an identity tag. The Rag & Bert's tag, which is in addition to the license holder's tag, will help ensure your pet's well-being and safety should they wander off from home.
  1. Complimentary and Convenient: The "Lost & Found" dog tags are complimentary. So, the next time you drop off or pick up, make sure to pick up this complimentary token.  There are no forms to fill out and no extra fees.
  1. Legal Compliance Made Easy: Navigating through rules and regulations can be like untangling a leash, but fear not. We have simplified the process for you. License Rule 25.2 compliance is as simple as securing our "Lost & Found" dog tag onto your dog's collar.
  1. Swift Reunions, Less Stress: Now, let's talk about that heart-sinking feeling when you realise your dog is nowhere to be found. It is every pet owner’s nightmare. With our "Lost & Found" dog tag, we are turning those fears into happy reunions.

The Rags & Bert’s tag provides:

  • Double the Protection as your dog now sports not just one but two tags – yours and the Rags & Bert's tag.
  • Quick Identification: In case of unexpected escapades, the Rags & Bert's tag provides a quick and easy way for anyone to return your dog to doggy daycare anytime.

Collect your complimentary tag at your next drop-off or pick-up.