Rags tips to help prevent your beloved furry friend from overheating during the summer heat

As summer temperatures rise, it's crucial for dog owners to be vigilant about their pets' well-being in the heat. At Rags & Bert’s, we prioritise the best welfare for dogs, recognising that 24°C is uncomfortable for them and 29°C or higher is particularly dangerous. That's why our facility is fully air-conditioned to ensure our dogs stay cool.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Heat

Avoid Peak Heat Hours for Walks

  • Best Times: Early mornings between 4-6 am are ideal for walks.
  • Avoid Late Afternoons: Remember that even at 5 pm, it can still be too hot. On particularly hot days, it’s best to stay home.
  • Tarmac Safety: Tarmac can get extremely hot and burn your dog’s paws. Always perform a hand test on the tarmac before heading out.

Never Leave Your Dog in a Car

  • Even for 5 minutes, a car can heat up rapidly, which can be fatal for dogs. Unlike humans, dogs cannot sweat to cool down effectively.

Traveling with Your Dog

  • Car Safety: If your dog is in the boot, be aware that air conditioning might not reach them. The sun shining through the windows can also increase the temperature. Check on them regularly to ensure they are comfortable.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

  • Add Water to Meals: This can help increase their water intake.
  • Refresh Water Bowls Frequently: Dogs love fresh water, and it’s important to keep their bowl topped up.
  • Bring Water on Outings: Always have water with you when out with your dog.

Keeping Your Dog Cool Indoors

Cooling Mats

  • Cooling mats provide a comfortable, cool surface for your dog to lie on. These mats typically use gel or water to dissipate heat and can be a lifesaver on hot days.

Cooling Coats

  • Cooling coats are designed to retain moisture and slowly release it, keeping your dog’s body temperature down. Simply wet the coat, wring it out, and put it on your dog.

Recognizing Signs of Overheating

Signs of overheating in dogs include:

  • Excessive Panting
  • Drooling
  • Lethargy

If you notice any of these symptoms, move your dog to a cooler area immediately and consult a vet.

Keeping your furry friend cool and comfortable is essential for a safe and happy summer. By following these tips, you can help ensure your dog remains healthy and happy during the hot months.