Advice for new puppy owners


We've put together a list of what to do's and what not to do's when bringing your new bundle of joy home!

  • Provide your puppy with a bed area / a ‘safe place’ to retreat to.
  • Familiar scents will help puppies settle into their new home. Bring something from their previous home like a soft toy or blanket and place it in their bed area.
  • Begin a routine! For example, regular toilet breaks, play time, quiet times and meal times.
  • Puppy-proof your home. They will try to eat or chew anything they find. You may need to rearrange ornaments and electrical wires!
  • During development, puppy growth plates and bones are vulnerable to damage. Pet gates or baby gates have multiple uses:   
    • To keep them in a safe room when you are unable to supervise them.
    • As an aid in teaching them to be away from you, whilst they are still able to see you.
    • To prevent them from climbing the stairs (especially important for large breeds).
    • To prevent them from jumping off high steps / steep drops such as sofas.
  • Provide plenty of chew toys to prevent damage to your house and furniture.
  • Positive experiences and environmental training is very important. Socialise your puppy to the outside world, introduce them to people, other dogs, car journeys, traffic, vets and groomers. (Do this gradually so it does not overwhelm or frighten them).
  • Seek guidance from a dog trainer. There are many activities you can practice with your puppy to prevent common behavioural issues in later life.


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