Grooming tips to help prevent your beloved pooch from getting hot under the collar in the summer

When the temperature is on the rise, it’s important to remember that our beloved furry friends may need some extra help in keeping cool, comfortable and safe. 

Whilst most doggy parents do the most important things such as only walking their dogs in the cooler parts of the day or evening, ensuring they have access to plenty of cool water, keeping them out of hot cars, providing plenty of shade and maybe even providing a paddling pool, our grooming can provide them with that extra bit of comfort.

  •  Dogs need sunscreen too!

Many people don’t realise that dogs need protection from the sun too. Whilst they have natural protection from their fur, that doesn’t mean they can’t be burned. A dog’s skin can be susceptible to sunburn, which increases the risk of tumours. This is particularly the case for dogs with lighter skin, fur and noses.

Applying an SPF spray that is specifically designed for dogs is a great idea for an added bit of protection and peace of mind. The spray can be applied all over, but particular care should be taken to cover sensitive areas such as the belly, inguinal area, nose and ears.

It is essential to use a specific doggy SPF, as many human sunscreens contain ingredients that can be harmful to our four-legged friends, such as zinc oxide. Most vets recommend an SPF higher than 15 depending on the level of sun exposure and the pigment of the skin, fur and nose.

  •  Bare the belly!

Treat your dog to a good summer clip, which includes a ‘belly strip’. This is an extended groin shave-out to include the belly. A thin belly strip, which can’t be seen when your dog is standing, helps keep your dog cool – especially when he’s laid out on a nice cold floor. Your dog will thank you for it!

  •  A good comb and brush out

Our groomer can give your dog a good summer trim and groom to take out any knots and remove loose hair, allowing the skin to breath better. However, make sure to keep up a regular routine of a nice comb and brush through, just to keep their coat in tip-top condition, particularly when they are moulting.

  •  Moist noses and pads

Why not pamper your pooch with a nice oil to go on his pads and nose to keep them moisturised and prevent them drying out over the summer?

We recommend the Grapeseed Oil Paw & Nose Revitalizer from Warren London. This natural oil-enriched product has a unique grapeseed blend and is packed with antioxidants and vitamins including A, B, B5, D and E. It is ideal to help replenish moisture and paws will appear softer and smoother.